Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where, Oh Where Is Abby?

          Alrighty, so maybe some of you have noticed that I haven't posted anything in like...four weeks. Or maybe you haven't noticed, or have and just don't care. For my own happiness I'm going to pretend it's the first option. Anyway.

          I had this great opportunity to take a 2 week intensive college course, and so I did. Hence I was a lil too busy attempting to keep up with surprise quizzes and killer tests to do any blogging. My apologies. I did manage to finish Cascade, and will be reviewing it within the next two weeks or so. Yeah, because I came home with a boatload of homework. Joy.

          But all my assignments are due on February 6th (and if they aren't I pretty much fail....), so one way or another I'm free and clear after that date. Life will resume as normal, as will blogging. And writing. And tearing my manuscript apart in the process of editing. Alright, now that I feel I've explained my absence from the blogging world, I'm going to go work on my paper.

          ....Somebody please save me. -_-

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