Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheap Indie Books!

Hey wonderful peoples! So I have a friend, whose great-grandmother was an author and wrote 9 books, all of which said friend and family now are looking to get rid of, due to the fact both great-grandparents have passed away. Long story short, they're selling these books for $4 bucks a piece (plus shipping and handling). These books are independently self published. These books are not currently sold in stores, and hence some have limited copies left, so hurry and get your copy!

Andrea Series:
  • The Heart of Andrea
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Banner of Love
  • The Yearning Heart
  • Jason's Legacy
  • The Jennie
Jennie's series:

  • Jennie's Pathway
  • Jennie's Parsonage Life
Stand Alone Novels:

  • Love Was Waiting
  • The Broken Hedge

    You can contact Debbie or Carla at these addresses:
      johnson04 (at) fairpoint (dot) net
      jewelrymaker18 (at) gmail (dot) com

    *Disclaimer: This blog is not in affiliated with the author of these books nor a publisher. This is strictly an advertisement for a friend; any business conducted will be between the buyer and seller. This blog was not compensated in any way for this offer.*

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