Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Know You've Been Going To The Orthodontist Too Long When...

          For those of you who have the pleasure *cough* of having braces . . . we know how you feel. Here's a few things that let you know you've been going there far, far too long.

  1. When you walk in and you don't even have to tell them you're there anymore, because all the receptionists know you by name. As long as they see you come in, you're good.
  2. You always park in the exact same place, every time. In fact, you now refer to it as "my parking spot".
  3. You're outraged when they change the normal bottled water to those stupid mini-bottles, or change/take away the coffee machine.
  4. You retaliate by taking twice as many mini-bottles before you leave.
  5. You are now used to being blinded by the overhead lights.
  6. Thinking about "accidentally" biting their fingers no longer happens on a regular basis, although occasion it crosses your mind...
  7. The random stuff your orthodontist says or sings while working on your teeth no longer strikes you as weird. Now it's just normal. They gotta do something to entertain themselves all day, right?
  8. You still wonder exactly how much longer it's going to be before they're satisfied and take them off...
  9. Your orthodontist is now comfortable enough with you to tease you about torturing you as they try to force the bracket doors closed, and about how much fun you're going to have over the next 6-8 weeks. They are joking, right?
  10. When you go to schedule your next appointment, the receptionist already knows your preferred day and time frame.

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