Friday, December 9, 2011

The Christmas Singing [Promo!]

          Promo time! I'm sad to say I haven't had the opportunity to get a copy of The Christmas Singing, but I've read other books by Cindy Woodsmall, and I'm sure it's just as fantastic! You should definitely pick up a copy -- come back and tell me how it was!

          Mannnnnn. After watching the trailer, now I really want to go get myself a copy! *raids the piggy bank* Anyone up for an except? Follow the link below!

          You can even get 30% off and free shipping on The Christmas Singing (and any other title!) when you use the promo code CHRISTMAS11 at checkout on The coupon code expires on December 20, 2011. So hurry and get yourself a copy!

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  1. Hey Abby!
    I don't know how else to reply to your comment so here goes:
    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! You may reblog it; just read the updated note I put on the bottom of the blog about it.


    Little Miss :)