Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Love Everlasting (Brides of Seattle, #3)

Love Everlasting is the third and final book in Tracie Peterson’s series Brides of Seattle. Prior to reading this book, I had read the second book in the series, but not the first (I still have yet to read the first). While the second book in the series focuses on Militine’s love life, this third book focuses on that of Abrianna. I wasn’t sure at first if I would like the book, since I wasn’t as interested in Abrianna while I was reading the second book. However, I ended up liking Abrianna in the third book, as it focused more directly on her and her thought process and actions.

A big part of the plot focused on Abrianna’s hesitancies toward marriage. It wasn’t that she didn’t love the man who was pursuing her; instead, she had fears about what would change in the relationship upon marriage. I thought this point was very realistic and relatable to many young women even today. The ways in which she handled it and worked through it, and the way it eventually ended, was realistic, relatable, and offers hope and comfort for women who hold the same hesitancies.

While I wouldn’t say this book is necessarily one of my favorites, I would certainly recommend it to others. It is a good, clean read with many good points and encouragements. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for this review. These opinions are my own; I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated for this review.

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