Monday, September 5, 2011

Coming Up And What To Expect...

          Hi, everyone :-). So I thought I'd take a minute to kinda semi-introduce myself for those of you who may not really know me or much about me, as well as give you guys an idea of what to expect in the near future of my blog. If you have any questions about anything, anywhere, at any time, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message through the "contact me" page.

1. Well I guess the appropriate place to start would be with a name :-P. I'm Abby, or Abby Joy as most people know me from various different sites.

2. I'm a Christian -- for those of you who may not know or really understand what that means, it boils down simply to the fact that I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, asked Him into my heart. 

3. I'm a writer, with a million half started books cluttering my laptop. Mhm. No, but seriously, I have one book I'm working on seriously, currently titled The Lighthouse (will possibly be changed in the future...). Despite the "working on seriously", I still pick at different projects from time to time, mainly when I get into a mass rut on my main book. But anyway...

4. I work with horses, which is kind of a more seasonal job in that I work full time in the summer - which is pretty much when most the hardcore training/exercising happens - and in the winter it's too cold or snowy most of the time to do much more than the basic chores. That said, most of the writing I do is done in the winter, since time is scarce in the summer.

5. Most of the time, I love editing. Like seriously. Just something about it apparently tickles my fancy.
~ - - - - - - - - - - ~
          As far as this blog goes, I'm mainly going to be reviewing published books that I'm reading, as well as updating you guys on the status of my unpublished book/writing process. I'm not really much of a blogger, so I wouldn't count my chickens on seeing much else than the above stated, but who knows, maybe I'll have a change of heart...?
          I'm currently waiting for a total of 6 books to arrive via mail so that I can begin reading, and review each as I finish. Titles you can expect to see reviewed in the near future include:  The Harvest of Grace, Our Last Great Hope, The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy, and The Hardest Thing To Do. (These books may not necessarily be reviewed in the order listed). Also, I've been considering trying out some Shakespeare and older classics, so stay tuned for that as well.
          Alrighty, well that pretty much gives you the rundown for what's coming up. :-)

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