Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

         A picture is worth a thousand words.

         True enough. Sometimes, a picture holds a story, an emotion, a feeling. It reaches deep inside us and begs to be spoken of, to be described. I've run into hundreds of such pictures, and consequently my list of future books has grown immensely.

         It rained today, only an hour or two before the sun set. It was raining pretty heavily even though it was just a passing shower, but the clouds weren't super dark, and the setting sun still shone through the rain. It was one of those really awesome moments that catch you by unexpected surprise, completely making your day. The golden sun hit the rain just right, and with the color-changing trees of the mountains in the background, it was just perfect.

         After a minute of simply watching the beauty before me, I grabbed my camera in an attempt to capture it. Of course, I failed. Have you ever wanted to take a picture of something, but your camera stubbornly refuses to take it in the right light, to get to look just as you see it with the naked eye? Yeah. This was one of those moments.

         Sure, maybe if I had a better camera, or was a better photographer I might have been able to get a picture that did it justice. Or maybe it simply was one of those moments in life not meant to be captured, but rather enjoyed right there, right then, solely between you and God.

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