Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Long Fall by Penelope Wilcock [Review]

          The Long Fall, I believe, has just become my favorite book in the Hawk and the Dove trilogy. The book, much to my surprise, changes in the style of the first two books of the series. In the first two books, the book is relayed as a series of stories told to a young girl by her mother. In The Long Fall, the story is told simply as a straight story, with no story-telling from alternate characters. Despite my initial surprise at the change, I liked the style change, and hope to see the same new style repeated in the 4th book (The Hardest Thing To Do).
         This third book of the series centers mainly around the struggles of two main characters, Father Peregrine, who becomes severely ill throughout the book, and Brother Tom, who struggles with coping with his close friend's illness. Throughout the book, these two men strive to overcome their personal fears, shame, humiliation, pride, and grief, drawing from each other the courage, strength, and humility they need to get through their dark trials.
          I liked how The Long Fall capitalized on personal struggles we all face at some time or another. Although at times I didn't quite agree with the theology presented, the deep discussions held between Peregrine and Tom were thought provoking and interesting. This series is definitely aimed for the adult range. I  found it to be very enjoyable, emotional at times, and an excellent book in general. Now, go read it! :-)

I received this book for free from Crossway for this review.

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