Monday, September 12, 2011

The Wounds of God by Penelope Wilcock [Review]

         Any apprehension I had about this book, and the series, (as I previously stated my skepticism in my review of book one) is thoroughly gone. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean I agree with every single practice exercised in this book, but as for the book as a whole, I enjoyed it greatly. What really hooked me in was the characters.
         The characters always seem so real to me. I won't go into great detail, to save from spoiling the story. But I always felt like each and every character was distinct, full of true, relatable emotions aroused from believable situations. Each character seemed to have their own struggles, struggles we all face in everyday life.
         I didn't find it to particularly heavy, or hard to understand, even when doctrinal/theological topics were brought up. While there are serious scenes and moments, I found a healthy mix of laughable sections, amusing quotes to lighten and balance it out. I found it to be an easy read, so much so I read it in a total of three days -- something I haven't done in years! All in all, I enjoyed this book immensely. Now, go read it :-)

I received this book for free from Crossway for this review.

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